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SC Arms Offers Shotguns From Reputable Brands

SC Arms specializes in firearms of various types to accommodate our customers’ wide array of uses. If you need a gun to hunt small or large game, practice your accuracy on targets, or protect yourself against snakes and intruders, we have a wide selection of shotguns. Our Spotswood, NJ shop is ready to serve customers in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania with our in-depth firearm knowledge and impressive inventory manufactured by reputable industry brands.


Various Gauges to Suit Your Shooting Needs

SC Arms can help you select the perfect shotgun for your shooting needs, including hunting, target shooting, and home defense. We carry various gauge and bore options, including the following:


Just about every shotgun type has a 12-gauge option, from pump action to semi-automatic models. Shooters use this gauge for various purposes, including hunting small game, big game, turkeys, and waterfowl. It is also an excellent choice to defend your home.


This option lets you shoot slugs and buckshot, making it suitable for deer hunting. Hunters commonly use 20-gauge shotguns for hunting game birds like turkey, grouse, and quail when using shotshells. These shotguns are lighter and easier to carry than a 12-gauge option, but they are not as powerful.

.410 Shotguns

Shooters often use .410 shotguns for small game, target shooting, and other applications. They are effective weapons to hunt rabbits, squirrels, birds, and snakes using shotshells, and ¼ slugs make them suitable against coyotes, deer, and other large animals.

Choices in Pump Action & Semi-Automatic Models

Choosing between a pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun depends on your shooting style, how you intend to use it, and what your priorities are with a firearm. If you need to fire off multiple shots rapidly, semi-automatic models may suit you better. Their action eliminates the need to discharge your shell and load a new one manually. However, many firearm users prefer having control over their shotgun, so a pump action gives you a smooth and safe operation between shots. Target shooting, hunting, and home defense are all common applications for a shotgun, but you ultimately decide whether pump-action or semi-automatic is the right fit.

Our Spotswood, NJ Shop Is Ready to Serve You

Every firearm collector or enthusiast needs a trustworthy gun shop and service provider to ensure access to the best possible shotguns and other firearms for their needs. SC Arms has your covered with an extensive selection, ammunition, smithing services, and more. Let us provide industry expertise and quality products to improve your gun safety and performance.

New Jersey’s Premier Firearms Shop and Cerakote Service Provider