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Rifles & Other Firearms at Our Spotswood, NJ Shop

If you need a new rifle to hunt deer, protect your home, or practice your accuracy, SC Arms has you covered. Our collection of rifles and other firearms in Spotswood, NJ includes impressive industry brands accommodating a broad range of bullet calibers. We proudly serve customers throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania with our extensive knowledge of firearms and outstanding product inventory.


Our Vast Selection of Rifles for Various Uses

SC Arms has a wide array of rifles to choose from, including options for target shooting, hunting, and home defense. Our selection of rifles includes, but is not limited to, all the following:

.22 Options

Choosing a rifle with .22-caliber cartridges is a popular choice among various groups of firearm enthusiasts. The smaller bullet and light recoil make this rifle option useful for target shooting at a range, hunting small animals, and many other applications.

.223 & 5.56 Models

Most people consider this caliber especially useful for hunting varmints, such as groundhogs, coyotes, and other intrusive animals. It also works well for home defense and to train new shooters because of its light recoil, making it ideal for shooters with smaller frames.

Some hunters use a 5.56 rifle for hunting antelope and deer, but many people believe it’s not powerful enough for the job. The 5.56 cartridge was intended to shoot pests, including ground squirrels, gophers, prairie dogs, crows, woodchucks, and coyotes.

.308 Options

Rifles using the .308 cartridge are meant for big game hunting, and hunters use them worldwide. Besides hunting, this short-action option has many common uses, such as metal matches, bench rest target shooting or general target shooting, metallic silhouette, and Palma.

300 Win Mag

These rifles use a belted, bottlenecked magnum cartridge Winchester Repeating Arms Company introduced in 1963. This round is an excellent choice when you want to hunt wild hogs and various types of deer. Some examples of these rifles include Winchester, Savage Arms, and Weatherby models.

6.5 Creedmoor

Many firearms enthusiasts believe 6.5 Creedmoor will take over the hunting industry as one of the best long-range cartridges. These bullets have high accuracy in a dependable and well-tuned rifle because of their higher ballistic coefficient ratings, retaining more energy with less wind deflection.

SC Arms Has You Covered

Let the professionals at SC Arms help you find a new rifle or another firearm to add to your collection. We offer in-depth industry expertise on the guns and ammunition we sell to ensure you get the right firearm for your needs.

New Jersey’s Premier Firearms Shop and Cerakote Service Provider