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The xvl2 irc weaponlight for pistol and carbines was developed at the request of top military and law enforcement professionals.Featuring dual leds deliver white light and infrared illumination for extreme versatility; coaligned dual lasers (green and ir) for quick and easy zeroing; a paradigm shift in light and aiming laser systems; proven technological advancements in tactical illumination are key design elements in the xvl2-irc.Custom maxvision beam technology shapes the illumination beam into one that provides the optimum mix of projected illumination plus wide-angle illumination for target acquisition and situational awareness.The maxvision beam technology keeps the xvl2-irc profile small and weight to a minimum to maximize the efficiency and efficacy of the warfighter.Includes a nylon pouch to store the xvl2, mount key, safety screw key, cleaning cloth and lens cleaner.

Material: Aluminum
Output: 400 Lumens
Bulb Type: LED
Oal: 3″
Weight: 5 oz
Battery: 123A
Proofs: Waterproof
Color: Tan Anodized
Filter Color: White
Switch Type: Push/Toggle