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The ultrastinger led delivers a piercing 1,100 lumens and a far-reaching beam.The ten-tap programming allows the choice of four modes- strobe, high, medium and low.It is constructed of aluminum with non-slip rubberized grip, head mounted push-button switch and polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating.It uses a 5-cell 6v ni-mh battery.Included is a snap-in charge holder that mounts in any position and 120v ac/12v dc smart chargers.

Material: Aluminum
Type: Flashlight
Output: 90/350/1100 Lumens
Bulb Type: LED
Body Diameter: 1.19″
Oal: 11.82″
Weight: 19.90 oz
Battery: 5 Cell 6V Ni-MH
Proofs: Impact/Water Resistant
Color: Black Anodized
Head Diameter: 2.37″
Rechargeable: Yes
Filter Color: White
Switch Type: Push Button