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The pocket protector holster is designed for front pocket carry in pants or a jacket.It helps keep the firearm in the same general position, conceals the shape of the gun, and allows one-handed release of gun from both pocket and holster.Reinforcements at the holster mouth and beneath the trigger guard keep the holster stiff enough to allow a smooth draw and easy return, while also maintaining enough rigidity.The holster’s hooked shape is designed to catch on the pocket so that, you can draw the firearm while the holster remains in your pocket or falls away.The pocket protector is ambidextrous and constructed of premium center cut steerhide.This model has a black finish and is compatible with colt mustang; diamondback db9; kimber micro.380; sig p238; springfield 911.380.

Type: Inside-The-Pocket
Color: Black
Material: Leather
Hand: Ambidextrous
Finish: Plain
Firearm Fit: Sig P238
Other Firearms Fit: Kimber; Springfield; Diamondback
Mount Type: Pocket
Gun Type: Pistol
Compartments: 1