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Carrying a semiautomatic pistol in the same horizontal position as the miami classic, galco’s miami classic ii orients an open-front magazine carrier in a horizontal position, allowing a faster and more natural grasp on the spare magazines when reloading.A key component of this system is the spider harness which independently pivots at all four points and is connected by galco’s trademark clover-shaped flexalon swivel back plate.This results in a perfect fit and lasting comfort for all sizes and shapes.The miami classic ii’s harness straps are 1.5″ at their widest point, distributing weight while also remaining concealable.This system is constructed of premium steerhide and includes holster, harness with comfortable medium-width straps, open front horizontal double ammo carrier, and a set of system screws.This miami classic ii model has a tan leather finish and is configured for right-handed carry.It is compatible with: sig p226, p226 mk25, p226 with rail, p228, p229, p229 with rail.

Type: Shoulder Holster System
Color: Tan
Material: Leather
Hand: Right
Firearm Fit: Sig P226/P228/P229
Mount Type: Shoulder
Gun Type: Pistol
Compartments: 3