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Much like the full size m&p series lasergrips for s&w pistols, these are interchangeable between different calibers of sub-compact m&p pistols and directly mimic the look and feel of the original grip, with the tactical impact of laser sighting.The rear-activation switch is part of a natural grip, so there’s no fumbling to activate the laser with your trigger finger.The lg-661 fits s&w m&p compact 9mm, 40 s&w, 357 sig models, except for 45 compact and ambidextrous safety models.Does not fit m&p m2.0 models.

Wavelength: 633nM
Dot Size: .50″ @ 50 yds
Power: 5mW
Range: 50 ft
Weight: 1 oz
Battery: CR2032 Lithium (2)
Laser Color: Red
Firearm Fit: S&W M&P Compact
Adjustments: Windage & Elevation
Finish: Black Rubber Overmold
Mount Type: Grip