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Introducing the mck for the very popular taurus g2 & g3 models.The taurus g2 & g3 series of handguns are synonymous with affordability, reliability, and self-defense making them a great match for the mckgen2 family.Designed on the gen2 platform, the mcktaurusgen2 will also feature an improved frame-lock and spring that makes assembly/ disassembly easier and faster.Compatible with taurus pt111 g2 millennium, g2c, g3 and g3c models.The extended stabilizer enables one-handed firing for better shooting performance.It also comes with a velcro strap fastener which provides a custom fit to any user.Mck gen 2 is the most cost effect conversion kit in the world.Fastest assembly/disassembly conversion kit on the market.Improving accuracy dramatically up to 200 yards.We are the exclusive licensee of the sb tactical stabilizer brace for the handgun conversion kits

Stock Finish: Black
Model: MCK
Stock Material: Synthetic