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Made in the usa, this archangel opfor stock fits the classic mosin nagant rifle including most m1891, 91/30, m-38, m-44, chinese t-53 carbines in both hex and round receivers; will fit the finnish m-39 rifles and carbines with some modifications.This lean and mean next generation stock looks great, is loaded with features and solidly brings the m1891 into the 21st century with an integral mag well and a patented, detachable magazine system.The precision inlet with steel pillar bedding, free-float barrel channel, fully adjustable ergonomics, patented barrel pressure device, and ergonomic gooseneck style grip with palm swells promote maximum accuracy.The grip also has a locking storage compartment.The buttstock features a click adjustable length of pull of 13.5 14.625 and click adjustable cheek riser in.05 increments with 1.75 of travel.Three steel hardpoints accept qd style sling swivels (sling swivels not included).

Type: Stock
Firearm Type: Rifle
Firearm Model: Mosin Nagant
Material: Carbon Fiber/Polymer
Finish: OD Green
Adjustment Type: Length of Pull, Cheekrest
Length Of Pull: 13.50″-14.63″
Free Floating: Yes