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Handguns in Spotswood, NJ

Your choice in handguns depends on how much power you need and how you intend to use them. SC Arms has ample expertise and an extensive inventory of handguns in Spotswood, NJ to suit every shooter’s preferences. Our firearm shop serves customers throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, ensuring residents have outstanding accuracy, stopping power, and protection.


Revolvers & Semi-Automatic Options Available

SC Arms has handgun options for shooters with various needs, including hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. We have models suitable for beginners and experienced handlers. Our selection of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols include the following:

9mm Options

Carrying a 9mm handgun is an excellent choice for self-defense and recreational shooting. The relatively low muzzle flip, light to moderate recoil, and higher magazine capacity are all selling points. These handguns are also easy to use and relatively lightweight.


High-pressure rounds and high bullet performance are a couple of reasons to choose a .40 handgun. Some examples of outstanding gun choices in this category include the Glock 22 or 23, Beretta Px4 Storm, and Sig Sauer P226 or P229.

10mm Options

You get serious power out of these rimless, large pistols. They have a maximum pressure of 33,000 psi, and the bullet travels farther after impact than other options like a 9mm. Take these handguns into the backcountry to hunt various animals, or you can defend yourself against human and animal predators.

380 Models

.380 handguns are an excellent concealed carry choice because they are small and portable, and they have a very fast draw and fire time. While it doesn’t have great stopping power, this option works well for self-defense, letting you fire multiple quick shots.

.38 Special

.38-caliber pistols are typical handguns with six shots and two- to four-inch barrels. Some popular gun manufacturers producing these models include Smith & Wesson, Colt, and Ruger. We can sell you a pistol and ammunition that meets your needs, whether you intend to use it for target practice or self-defense.


While .22-caliber handguns are not great for self-defense, they are very popular to use for every other kind of shooting. You can use this handgun for target shooting and improve your accuracy. These guns apply to plinkers, hunters, and competitive shooters.


These handguns have maintained their popularity with impressive power while being smaller and lighter than a .45-calibur option. Many shooters use .357-calibur handguns for various shooting needs, including hunting, silhouette competitions, and self-defense.

Ready to Serve Your Firearm Needs

SC Arms knows the value of variety and carries a broad range of handguns and other firearms with various ammunition options to accompany them. We want every customer to get what they need with our expert advice available to guide their choices.

New Jersey’s Premier Firearms Shop and Cerakote Service Provider